Gorden Jendela Dengan Gambar Lucu Dari Kain Perca

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

Curtains can be made more beautiful by adding ornaments on the surface of the fabric. Ornaments can be made from cloth rag. Various motives can be made there.

Art is the art of embroidery craft applications in a way putting the pieces of patchwork that has been
designed or dipola thus forming a unique image. Image patterns and then mounted on a piece of cloth with
stitching, either by hand or by machine, follow the edge of the image patterns.

Originally done for art craft applications tuk me nambal damaged sections of fabric with fabric that was available with with due regard to the beauty. Placement and sa very fabric selection attention. Likewise with  style and color. The combination of fabric color and pattern that right produces decorative trim applications.

In the process, art is not just a patchwork patchwork patching with the pattern shape is. Hue images
deliberately designed and laid out neatly on a piece of cloth. Same As with drill dir and embroidery, the art of application is also not just un tuk clothing, but also spread to various other household needs, such as curtains and vitrase.

Applications are generally mounted on the curtain material and vitrase the plain. Applications are made from gun interests han ba formed in accordance with ornamental patterns that we want. Installation of applications can be sewn or embroidered sin me hand. Stitches are usually re sin me latif neater than with hand embroidery, my dang a final result more hand embroidery unique and artistic.


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